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Dance class

"Bonjour my student~ I suppose you are ready to learn how to-" Francis paused as he spun around on his heel and shot you a big, flirtatious smile. "Dance~?"

You face palmed. Today was your first day of dance class of your school curriculum, and you where the first one to arrive. You attended the Gakuen Hetalia School, and this year your class was forced to participate in this activity.

The room is very long, a mirror lining one side of it. At one end, was the door that you just walked in from, and at the other was the stereo.
It was turned on, ready for the class.

"Wait," you started. "Francis, you are our teacher?" You asked confused as to why one of your fellow classmates would be teaching you.

"Of course Mon Cheri!  Who better then me~?" He said as he placed his hands on his hips, still smiling. He was looking very proud of him self, obviously because he has gained position as dance teacher.

You laughed. "I can think of many other people who would be a better teacher then you." You said, a devilish smile on your face. Boy did you love pushing his French buttons!

A 'hmpht' noise left his mouth before he responded.
"Oh really? Name 10 people!"

You grinned, holding up both of your hands, and pointing a finger out each time you listed a name.

"Antonio, Gilbert, Ivan, Poland, Me, Arthu-"

"Non! Don't you even dare compare my dancing with that caterpillar eyebrow grouch!" Francis went into a fit. He didn't get along with Arthur and you telling him that his dancing was better then his really ticked him off.

You laughed at the scene in front of you before walking up to him. You hugged him from the side. He pouted and didn't return the hug, trying to ignore you.

"Oh you know I love you Francey Pants~" You said in a friendly matter between laughs. He gave up and hugged you back. "Ohonhonhon, oui, I do too~"
Then his bent down a bit to put his mouth by your ear, whispering. "But you love Kiku more then you do me, so do your best out there today and grab his attention~"

Your face turned bright red and you let go of Francis. You weren't sure if you wanted to smack him up side the head, or thank him. Suddenly, the door opened behind you. So you turned to the door and tried to act like nothing just happened. Your fellow classmates start to pile into the room. You greeted them all as they passed you. Soon, the room was filled with chitchat about various, typical student gossip.

"'Ello students!" Francis said, only grabbing the attention of a small amount of people. He tried again. "'Ello!!"

Nothing working, he quickly got fed up. He stomped his foot on the floor, both his arms straightened at his sides. "ENOUGH!" He yelled. This got everyone to calm down and look at him.

Gilbert, being the awesome Prussian man he is, strutted up to his friend and put an arm around him, poking his chest. "Kesesesese! You looked so gay just a minute ago!"

"OI!" Francis screeched.

Gilbert just laughed. "Kesesesesesesesesese!!!"


After about 10 minutes of getting everyone together, the warm up and hearing the song, which fell under the genera 'swing' by the way, Francis moved with ease as everyone else tried their best follow suite. You died inside as you watched Alfred sloppily flop his feet side to side and flail his arms around, trying to imitate Francis. He looked so funny. No. Scratch that. He looked HILARIOUS! He noticed your staring.

"Hey ________! Don't laugh dude! I am an awesome dancer! I'm just not used to this style!" He somewhat yelled at you as he accidentally kicked Ivan, the large boned, Russian man, who was right next to him. Alfred started freaking on the inside, but on the out side, he just turned to the tall guy and smiled.

"Oh sorry dude! I didn't mea-" He stopped half way into his sentence. Ivan was letting of a very uncomfortably dark aura and Alfred couldn't take it. He jumped and slipped away to the other side of the classroom.
"The hero is needed over…. There. Got to go!"
You just sighed and kept trying to follow Francis.

Stopping the music, Francis wiped the sweat off of his brow.

"Good job you guys! But now, here comes the hard part."

"Aiyaaa... Things are going to get harder aru?!" Yao yelled out in disbelief. He was having a hard enough time as it was already.

"Oui~ Because we are going to introduce pairs! Meaning, some guys will be paired up with the girls!" Francis said, excited to teach this part. He looked over to you and winked.

You began to have a mental break down. 'Nu-uh. No way. You have to be kidding me. He isn't going to-' Your thoughts where interrupted by Francis.
He was calling out the pair names. You started to shake, afraid that he was going to do what you where thinking he would do.

"Next pairing is..." He said as he rubbed his stubbly chin. He looked around very slowely, only adding to your already elevated tension.

"_______ and...!" Man did you hate his guts right now.

"Kiku Honda~"

Your eyes widened at the sounds of your crush's name. You knew that Francis was going to pull a shenanigan some time or another today in this class, and when he called pairings, you knew that he was going to pair you up with Kiku. But, nonetheless, your face still dusted a light pink color. Curse your easily flustered personality.

Francis looked back and forward at you and Kiku. He slightly chuckled looking at both of your expressions. You couldn't see Kiku at the moment, but the Frenchman had a perfect view of him.

Kiku was looking off to the side, blush adorning his face while he fiddled with his index fingers; somewhat like one of the anime characters does from a show he watches. He looked nervous and worried, kind of like how you did at that moment.

"Come on you two! Get together!" Francis said, walking over to Kiku. He stepped behind the Japanese man and started to push him over to your direction. You saw the look that was being portrayed by Kiku and saw that he was as stiff as a log, trying his best to stall the movement he was being forced to do. He was also squirming under the grasp of his fellow classmate, possibly because his personal space is being invaded. You felt somewhat hurt on the inside, but then realized that you probably looked the same way. You felt your heart thumping so loud, you where sure that the whole world could hear it. Which was probably possible, due to all of the countries being in the same room.

Reaching you, Francis placed Kiku right next to you, then twirled you two around, making you face each other.

"Ohonhon~ You two stay right here while I make the other pairings~!" He dragged out the last word in his sentence, making both you and Kiku go nuts internally. He chuckled and left to do exactly what he said he would.

You where experiencing two feelings right now: excitement and fear. You where so happy that you where paired up to dance with your long time crush. This could be the best moment in your life. But what if you mess up? What if you trip and make a huge fool of your self? What if you make Kiku feel regret for joining Gakuen Hetalia to have to dance with you? A million thoughts ran through your head. More bad then good.

"_-______-chan? Are you alright?" Kiku said, waving his hand in front of your face at a respectable distance. He has seemed to regain his temporarily lost composure. Man he does that very quickly.

You snapped out of your thoughts and looked at him.

"Oh! Yeah. Sorry for spacing out Kiku. I am just nervous about dancing in pairs." You responded, telling him part of the insecurity you where having.

He looked at you and nodded, sighing in the process.

"Hai. I also feel quite nervous about the current situation. You see, I don't normally dance, and even less with someone else." Kiku seemed a bit nervous, but it was hardly noticeable. He had once again, regained control over his emotions.

You where about to say something that might of calmed you both down for a little until the teacher spoke out.

"Bien. I will now show you guys the first step to the pairing portion of the song!" Francis said, pointer finger in the air, eyes closed.

With that said, he began to instruct the precise moves, the timing, and the coordination. He had the groups of two, dance facing each other, doing the moves that he set. You and Kiku did as he said. Dancing with each other the way they would do in the 50's. You where both trying very hard to stay in sync with the music. A smile made it's way on your face. You felt as if the emotion of fear was slowly washing away.

'This isn't as bad as I thought this would be.' You thought. You where beginning to have fun. You started to believe that Francis wasn't going to make you two do something that would put you into an uncomfortable position. Oh how wrong where you?

About 3 minutes of teaching the next couple of steps, Francis was looking at his students with a very satisfied look. But the moment you looked at him, a certain gleam came across his eyes. Not the one you got when you walked into the candy store for the first time. This was more one of mischief.
"Now, next step! Guys~ You are going to have to pick up the girls, hoisting them up just underneath their butt, and spin around in a circle~"

"But I want to grope breasts da-ze! Not butts!" Im Yong Soo pouted. You just chuckled at the Korean man. Such a funny, little, creepo he was.

Kiku looked over to Francis, quite unsure if he should be doing this or not.

"Erm, Francis-kun? I do not feel too comfortable doing this…"

"Oh Kiku~ There is no reason to worry! It is a simple dance move. Nothing intimate about it~! Here, let me lead you all in example!" With that said, Francis walked over to you and quickly picked you up. You, not ready for the sudden removal from the ground, grabbed onto him for dear life.

"____! Relax! Just put your legs together and put your arms into the air~" Francis said reassuringly. You did as you where told as he twirled your around.

Kiku had a subtle look of jealousy displayed on his face. You looked so comfortable in Francis' arms. He wanted to pick you up and hold you close. He didn't like watching his fellow classmate hoist you up into the air. But he didn't like his personal space being invaded. He rubbed one hand down his face. He confused himself too much.

Francis saw the emotional display on Kiku's face and slightly laughed. He put your down. You sighed in relief, feet finally touching the ground.

"That is how you do it!"

Francis walked over to Kiku, grabbed his attention. The Frenchman bent down to his ear and told him something that turned his face very bright pink.

"_____ is all yours now~ Have fun~"

The music continued as Kiku awkwardly lifted you up into the air, arms securely wrapped around your legs. You lifted your arms above your head like you did with Francis, enjoying how it felt to have Kiku so close. You where enjoying this much more then you thought you would.

A few more dance moves where shown after the lift. Now, you had to dip Kiku down and kiss his cheek. Somewhat like the man would do to the girl in a tango dance, but backwards.

After quite an emotional struggle, you wrapped your arms around Kiku's back as he wrapped his around your waist, both actions used for support. You started to dip Kiku down, blushed growing on both of your faces. You leant in for the kiss, face burning. Your lips brushed his cheek. You felt so nervous about the situation, but it felt too nice, kissing your crush. Everything felt perfect, all until you heard Kiku shout.


You where pulled to the ground. Well, more like you lost balance.

"Ooow…" You lifted your self up just enough to get your face off of the ground. Or at least you thought that it was the ground! You opened your eyes to see Kiku, underneath you. You both made eye contact, staring at each other, still processing exactly what had just happened. The classroom was filled with some "aaawww~!" sounds as others made comments.

"AIYAAA!!!!! How CUTE aru~!"

"Doitsu? What are ____ and Kiku doing on the floor?"

"Nahahahahaha! Some one is getting laid~!"

Once it finally clicked in your minds, you both quickly started to apologize to each other.

"I am so sorry Kiku!! I didn't mean to fall on you!"

"_____-chan! Domo S-sumimasen! It was my fault!"

You began to lift your self from the fallen state, but you felt a hand on your back, keeping your from getting up. You turned your head as much as you could, eyes meeting with your frenchy friend's.

"Now's your chance~" He said, a grin on his face.

You stayed silent, looking back to the one underneath you. A look of nervousness was drawn perfectly well on his face. Without thinking, you moved your face closer to his, your eyes slowly drifting shut. His eyes grew large and his face burned about the color of Yao's outfit as you drew closer. Both of your lips met in a sweet kiss. You felt Kiku become extremely stiff under your touch. Separating your face from his, you opened your eyes, seeing Kiku's expression.

"….I…. I'm sorry…" You quickly picked your self up and made your way out of the classroom. You felt like you had your heart crushed, although it was your fault for kissing him in the first place. You felt the eyes of your fellow classmates on your being as you closed the door behind you.

Kiku sat up and brought his fingers to his lips, blush still visible on his face.

"_-_____…" Kiku whispered your name, dropping the '-chan' from the end of your name. Francis looked at Kiku and held a hand out to him. Kiku nodded and took hold of it, being helped up from the floor.

"Go get her." Francis said, knowing Kiku's feelings for you.

"Hai." Kiku bowed showing his thanks before leaving the room. He was going to fix this.

Everyone watched Kiku leave.

"Nothing to see here class! Lets continue!" Francis shouted out to the rest of the world.


You sat outside of the school, under the largest tree there. You stared at the ground, figuring that you would never have a chance with Kiku now. That you just blew off every possibility to be his girlfriend. Maybe you even threw your friendship out the window! You sighed as you closed your eyes.

You where so out of it that you didn't notice Kiku walk up to you.

"_______..." Kiku called out your name.

You slowly look up at your Japanese friend, watching up sit in front of you, tucking his legs underneath his being. You where ready to receive a scolding for your selfish and foolish act. You looked down the your grass, watching the slight wind move the grass in a swaying motion.

Suddenly, you felt a slightly shaking hand under your chin, gently pulling it up, forcing you to make eye contact with the one before you.

"______... I-I don't know what exactly I need to say… but…" Kiku looked into your eyes as sternly as he could muster. You could tell that he was quite serious about what ever he was about to tell you.

"Kiku, I am sor-" your apology was cut off by something that you never believed would be on your lips. You felt your face heat up as Kiku's lips where suddenly placed upon yours. His eyes where slightly closed, staring into your eyes, trying to express what he was feeling at the moment. You slowly closed your eyes, picking your arms up from your sides and wrapping them around his neck. You felt the one in your embrace move to a more comfortable position. The both of your faces shared the same tone of pink. Soon, you two broke kiss.

You looked into his beautiful brown eyes and he looked back into yours. You felt your eyes begin to water as a slight smile made its way onto your face. Kiku quickly took notice of this.

"__-_____? Are you alright?" Kiku asked a bit worried that he had done something wrong. Your smile just got larger, tears falling down your face.

"I am just so… happy~" You lunged at him, pushing him onto the ground, hugging him tightly. Your buried your face into his school uniform, allowing your tears to fall freely. It took him a second, but he wrapped one hand around your waist as the other rubbed the back of your head.

"Kiku… Aishiteru. I love you so much." You whispered into his clothes, another small blush making its way across your face.

"Watashi mo anata no koto ga daisukidesu*. Much more then you could ever imagine."

As you kept hugging Kiku, you mentally noted to thank Francis instead of smacking him, like you thought at the beginning of your dance class.
Watashi mo anata no koto ga daisukidesu - I love you too
I have been wanting to write a Kiku insert for the longest time now, and i have finally found the inspiration to do it! :la:

This idea came to me during my dance class. I am basically set up with the same scenario as the reader. The forced into dance class, the swing 50's music, the pairings. the only thing is that I am not paired up with Kiku, and I have not fallen over and yeah, you get my point u.u

Why I chose Francis as the dance teacher? He reminds me of my dance teacher XD Not the looks, but the personality. The only thing is that he is gay. But I have no real problem with that XD

I feel like I failed with the ending :iconcanadasulkplz:

Alright, I'll stop bothering you guys with my ramblings.


You (c) :iconjapanpastaplz:
:iconjapanpastaplz: (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
Image is not mine
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Selena: I'm sorry, she's too much of a Japan fangirl like me, so since I'm her OC and I'm based off of her, I'll speak for her. She loved this story to bits and she wished this story was real. Also, she thought the ending was super adorable and thanks you for writing such a lovely insert. :) I do too~
Dragonscaleink Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
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