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March 21, 2012
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Tomato Bath

"Effing skunk..." the Italian man cursed as he slowly dipped himself into the bath of tomato juice.
Standing in the garage, you chuckled as you remembered what had happened earlier that day.

---Flash back---

Sitting on a hillside, you and Romano where out just passing time, enjoying each others company. Having been friends for quite some time now, hanging out like this was the norm for the both of you.

You had been peacefully listening to his ramblings about 'that Spain jerk', 'that potato freak', and 'my retard of a brother', to put certain words lightly. The way he spoke with that Italian accent always put you into a light trance. You loved hearing the occasional rolling of the letter 'R' when he talked. You loved that when he spoke, he used subtle body motions to give more 'depth' into what he is saying. You loved watching that one piece of hair that was to stubborn to stay down, bob as he moved. Small things like this are some of the few things that you love about this man.

"-and then he made me slip in an effing puddle of water! Even though I did accidentally knock the glass of water off of the table earlier that day, it was still that Spain jerk's fault!"

You slightly giggled, picturing chibiromano slipping on a puddle of water.

"What's so funny about that ragazza?!", Romano asked, slightly annoyed that you giggled at his last few sentences.

Trying to cover up your laugh, you quickly thought of a response. One that would not make him any angrier at least.

"Uh, I just... Imagined what Spain was up for after that happened! Yeah... That's it!", you replied, hoping that your response was not to fake sounding. You stood up in an attempt to hide your face that was failing to keep a straight emotion. You took a couple steps away from the sitting person and reached up to pick a flower off of a tree, trying to make your moving look as less suspicious as possible.

"Hmp. Si, you've got that right ______! He got a good pounding once I-!"

Romano's words where interrupted by a sudden spraying noise, followed by a strong, foul scent.

Turning around, you eyes caught the sight of a bushy black and white tail disappear into some near by bushes. Your ears filled with a series of curse words that flew out of Romano's mouth.

---Flash Back end---

Since your back was turned while Romano got into the red liquid, you asked,
"Alright Romano, you in yet?"

"Mhmpht." His reply was a mixture of a 'yes' and a 'sigh'. An annoyed one for that matter. "Let's just get this bath over with..."

Cautiously turning around, you started to walk over to your crush. You could see his bare chest that was half emerged in the tomato juice. It was well toned. He had rested both of his elbows on the side of the tub.
Your eyes slowly followed his torso up to his perfect face. His eyes where half closed. His beautiful, emerald green eyes glistened againts the light that was coming through one of the windows. His wonderful hai-

"_-______! W-what are you staring at!?" Your thoughts where interrupted by the one you where daydreaming about. A light pink color was dusted on his cheeks.

"N-Nothing! Nothing at all! Hehehehe!"

'Crab cakes,' you thought 'I got caught staring at him! I don't even know how long I was! How embarrassing!'

"... J-just come over here and help me scrub my hair, ragazza..."

Flustered and with a face the color of a tomato, you rushed over to the man in the tub.
He grabbed a cup that was sitting on one of the shelves and dipped it into the juice. Then he carefully handed it to you.

"Here, use this."

You nodded and took the cup from Romano. You positioned the cup above his head an poured the juice on him. You watched him slightly flinch as some of the tomato juice dripped down his face.

Cup now empty and back on the shelf in it's original spot, you began to massage Romano's scalp. His hair felt really soft, despite the few tangles here and there. You could feel him relax under your fingertips.
He sighed contently and you felt like doing the same. Able to be this close to a half-naked Romano and running your fingers through his hair, you were in heaven.

The room was silent as your scrubbed his head. But the silence was broken the moment you moved your fingers to the front of his scalp. Romano's breathing got heavier and he emitted muffled noises. His face was beat red, although you couldn't see this since his back was to you.

You decided to shrug off the strange atmosphere change and kept on scrubbing the same area.

"Ch-chi....chigi... __-_________!"
Romano twisted his head around to face you as he practically screamed.
You hands left his head due to his movement. But one piece of hair has twisted up on your finger. That's when you realized what exactly was happening.

"I-I am so sorry!"

You started to panic, desperately trying to untwist the trapped curl from around your finger. You had been rubbing his curl for the past whoknowshowlong! You knew that his curl was his "zone", but you where to distracted to even remember.

"I-I-I-It's ALMOST out!"


Romano quickly took hold of your wrist. Before you could think, you where pulled into the bath.

After receiving the most wonderful face full of tomato you have ever had in your life, you brought yourself to your knees, coughing the juice out of your lungs. You tried to bring your hand down but you still felt that piece if hair around your finger.

You lifted your head to look at the scene you where in. Your face was inches away from Romano's. You could feel the heat radiating from his face. His eyes where shut and there was an unreadable expression that was being displayed on his face.

He then quietly whispered something you thought you would never hear come from his mouth.

"P-please... _______... Please d-don't stop..."


"Don't m-make me repeat my self r-ragazza!"

You nodded, your face red. You lightly tugged on Romano's curl, causing him to make the same sounds as he made earlier, only they didn't sound as held back.

You saw a smirk appear on Romano's face before a pair of soft lips smashed into yours. Shock temporarily took over you as your brain processed what was going on. You are being kissed by your long time crush in the tub. Wow.

You eventually started to kiss him back, moving your whole body closer to his.
A pair of hands gripped your waist and pulled you even closer.
With one hand, you played with his curl, and with the other one, you rubbed up and down his chest with just the tips of your fingers.

Feeling Romano's lips part, you knew exactly what was his next deal was. You you played first by sliding your tounge into his mouth before he even got the chance to do so to you.

This action started a heavy tounge war in-between the two of you. He wanted into your mouth as you wanted into his. You tried to push his tongue to the side but failed. His tongue was already in your mouth.

After exploring one area, Romano was ready to take his adventure further. He parted from your lips, only to move his to the crook of your neck. He nuzzled it a bit as you tilted your head to the side, allowing him easier access.
He begun to nibble up and down the skin, searching for that special "soft spot". A small noise escaped your throat as he passed a specific area. You felt his smirk against your neck before his began to suck in that same spot.

A large noise along with quick movement stopped both of your actions. You both looked to the side to find that the garage door had opened. Standing just inside was Spain, his back turned.

"Romaaanooo~! I'm home!"

Hearing the Latin accent fill the room, both you and Romano froze. He hid his face in your neck, and he was terribly blushing. Your face was facing Spain. You where dreading the moment he turned around.

"I thought you'd like to know that I bought some more toma-"

He stopped half way through his sentence once he turned around fully. A huge grin found it's was across his face. Your face went millions shades of red. Romano flinched as Spain continued speaking.

"So you FINALLY made a move huh? QUE LINDO~ I have been waiting for this moment! Mi pequeño Romano is becoming a man~"

Romano's head quickly pulled away from your neck.


Your body finally allowing you to move, you fell backwards into the tub, away from the Italian man. You where completely flustered and didn't know what to do. So you just stared at the scene that was about to happen in front of you.

The Spaniard just smiled and walked toward the bathtub.

"You know, he has had this GIGANTESCO crush on you for the longest time now!"

Spain placed a hand on your head as you looked over to Romano, still blushing. He was jumping out of the bath tub at rapid speed.


"Ay! I've got to get going now chica! I'll see you around the house! And more often now!"

Spain then took of running out of the garage, Romano hot on his tail.
Before he left, he yelled something back at you.


Romano lost it there.

"YOU JERK!!!!!!!!!"

You giggled watching the two men disappear. You'd have thank Spain later for the tip.


That skunk just made your day.
Here is my first ever reader insert! :la:
I will be doing more in the future :)

:iconspainplz: Take care of my Lovino ____ ~!

:iconromanoplz: S-shut up!

I hope you enjoy it! :D
Inspired by this image: [link]

Hetalia and all respective characters (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) Romano YOU!

Don't be afraid to point out any mistakes! I'd really appreciate it if you did! :dummy:
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Portugal22 Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love it!
nekootakugirl Mar 31, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Seeing as I have an unfamathiable loathing of tomatoes, I would most likely have caused serious injury to Lovino for causing such an atrocity as me falling into a tub of tomatoes juice to happen.
Biting your hair is going to kill it!!!
KittyKirkland Feb 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
>^< Thanks Skunk! :iconthumbsupplz: And thanks Spain. :iconcutespainplz: < You're welcome chica~!
gab226789 Feb 22, 2014  Student Writer
wait a sec......Romano was naked in he got outta the tub running after Spain just made my day O-O.........
Hahahahahaaha I suppose he did xD 
When I originally wrote this I imagined him in trunks, but after a while... xD 
gab226789 Feb 26, 2014  Student Writer
exactly my dear friend :3
Hahha yeaaahh ^^; 
It is amazing how different people imagine different things with only one text~
gab226789 Mar 8, 2014  Student Writer
mhmmm XD

:iconsmileyfaceplz: lol, spain


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